Opportunities exist to protect your patients and OR staff

Whether you’d like to educate yourself or educate your team, here’s how you can change the way surgical smoke is dealt with in your organization:

1. Educate Yourself – Understand the Dangers of Surgical Smoke

It’s been proven that surgical smoke contains carcinogens and can transfer diseases such as HPV. It has also been shown to carry intact human and viral DNA. Surgical smoke is the dangerous by-product generated in the OR by:

• Electro-surgical pencils
• Lasers
• Ultrasonic devices
• Any other surgical energy-based devices

Download Buffalo Filter’s educational white papers and case studies to learn more about the threat that surgical smoke poses.

2. Educate Your Team – Implementation & Customizable Solutions

Help your team implement Buffalo Filter’s Clear the Air® Program, designed to guide your facilities, as well as keep OR staff and patients safe from the dangers associated with surgical smoke. Buffalo Filter offer’s free consultative services to help you through the process, as well as the most comprehensive, cost-effective product portfolio to meet every facility’s needs.

Get started by downloading the Clear the Air® Program flyer or requesting a free product trial.

Buffalo Filter, part of Filtration Group Corporation Life Sciences Group, is dedicated to ridding the world's surgical environments of the hazards associated with surgical smoke plume exposure. Our team of dedicated resources consistently develops innovative solutions to manage this plume in a safe and effective manner without disrupting the surgical team's practice.

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